Meditation Made Simple


I was introduced to meditation approximately 8 years ago and believe in its power (maybe usefulness is a better word, I do not want to make meditation seem like some mystical art). Now, I’m not going to tell you that I have made a practice of it, but when I use mediation prior to bed, I have wake up feeling more rested. This video is an interview with Russell Simmons, talking with Google employees about his experience with meditation.

I have paid attention to Russell Simmon’s commitment to spreading the message of the benefit of mediation for some time now. He presents as genuine and knowledgeable about the practice of meditation. If you have the time, check this video out. Even taking the time to try to quiet your thoughts and still your mind for five minutes would be an excellent start. I am particularly interested in the reduction of the over-activity of our thoughts, it triggers problems in our lives by creating unsubstantiated thoughts/beliefs which may lead to behaviors that become problematic in our lives.

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