In your personal life…seek peace, not crisis!

In my work, I often sit down with people who are dealing with crises, toxic relationships, job/family stress, etc. We all (myself included) go through trials and tribulations, but what are you doing when you are not in the valley? Are you allowing yourself to let peace and light impact you the way you let negative energy impact you?

A byproduct of anxious thoughts is constantly prepping for the next crisis, stressor, toxic relationship, etc. STOP IT! Do not allow yourself to fall into a pattern of negative thinking about when the next event is going to happen that puts your life on hold or causes negative energy to invade your life.  This habit (yes, I called it a habit) is some folks default setting, seeking out negative people/environments consciously or unconsciously instead of seeking peace and light. Some of us have “chaos colleagues” that support us in perpetuating the cycle of crisis and/or negativity.  Take the time to consider these two questions:

Are you seeking to create more positive energy in your life, when you have the opportunity?

Are you perpetuating negative energy by focusing on the next crisis in your life?

Take time to appreciate that you have survived challenges in your life whether you created those challenges yourself or the environment you were interacting with, created those challenges. Appreciate your resilience in finding strategies to persevere through challenges, and celebrate your successful navigation through a difficult time.

A few tips for seeking peace and strength after successfully managing adversity:

  • Work inside out, what could you do differently? Blaming others is a barrier to change
  • Be present! Did you go through a crisis? Yes, and in this moment you are okay!
  • Reflect on your diligence in working through  the negative event. Allow yourself to recognize that you have leveled up as a result of this situation. As a result you are now stronger and more equipped to successfully manage your life.
  • If you have a history of moving from crisis to crisis, reflect on the pattern of events that lead to your involvement in negative situations. What can you do differently the next time? Are there chaotic colleagues in your life that tend to be involved in these chaotic situations?
  • Seek out positive people and positive environments to be a part of

Thanks for reading,


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