Fees & Insurance

Private Pay:

Private pay may be the best fit for your needs. Here are a few reasons why:

  • There will be no interaction with your insurance company. If you choose to use your insurance they will request a mental health diagnosis be attached to your file in order to pay for therapy services. This mental health diagnosis can “follow” you around from insurance company to insurance company.
  • You will have more confidentiality when you pay for your own therapy services. Insurance companies can cap the amount of sessions. Sometimes therapists then have to justify why the insurance companies should continue to pay for therapy services. This situaiton can lead to therapists showing documentation of services provided which gives the insurance company access to confidential documentation.
  • Lastly, when there is a monetary component attached to therapy services, there tends to be more accountability and buy in by clients.

Standard rates for a 50 minute private pay psychotherapy sessions – $100 – $150 depending on type of services. Couples counseling is private pay only.

Teleconference sessions are also available (often referred to as telemental health) and is another option for therapeutic support. Insurance does not cover teleconference sessions, private pay costs are $75 per 50 minute session. Please contact me via email if you are interested in this type of service delivery.

If you decide to use your insurance, clients are responsible for paying the difference betweeen what their insurance pays, and the $100 therapy session fee, if the insurance company does not pay for the entire $100 therapy session.

  • Private pay payments and co-payments are expected at time of service delivery unless a different agreement has been reached with myself.

Accepted Insurances:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Blue Cross Blue Shield EAP

Freedom Network

Kansas Medicaid:


Cenpatico (Sunflower)

United healthcare


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